Monday, February 2, 2009

Baby quilt

My brother & sister-in-law are expecting a baby the 1st week in May so I decided yesterday that I'd get started on making a baby quilt.

It's a bit bright but luckily babies like bright colours! I've got most of the blocks made at this stage, so a few more evenings & the quilt top should be done..

Fabric postcards

I'm in the middle of completing a few fabric postcards - have to finish off the edges in a few instances.
This finished postcard is made from fabric scraps bonded to Fast2fuse and then machine quilted. The gold square was cut out from some papery type material I got in a craft shop; got a pack of various coloured sheets for about €3 which was pretty good value!

Sea Journey Quilt

I just finished making this quilt "Sea Journey" on Friday night. It was a bit of a rush job to get the binding and sleeve on as I had to drop it in Limerick to be collected for a quilt show taking place at the end of the month.
The quilt was based on a photo I took of a boat in Douranenz, Brittany last May.

I enlarged a drawing of the scene and made a stencil of it using freezer paper. It was then painted using blue fabric paint.
The 3 blue squares on the right-hand side were then machine quilted with a scene of the boat.