Friday, January 7, 2011

Messenger Bag

I finished this messenger-type bag over Christmas. Used a pattern from a Japanese craft book: ISBN-13: 978-4834729467

Made most of the bag out of a long Japanese fabric panel that I got at FoQ a few years ago - decided I might as well use it up.

The bag of the back uses most of the panel piece - almost prefer it to the front..

Leather-Effect Journal

This is the finished journal with the leather-effect cover (actually made from a brown paper bag).

The pages in the journal were all recycled from various sources e.g. business envelopes, unused pages from old copies etc.

The alphabet letters on the cover are made out of grungeboard. I've had a pack of them sitting in a drawer unused for about 3 years, so it was great to finally getting around to using them. They did make the cover a bit stiff though, so I'm going making a 2nd journal but leaving the grungeboard letters out.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year

Didn't made any New Year's Resolutions, but probably should have made a resolution to post more often on the blog! Didnt realise it had been so long since I last posted....eeek.... Will try to post at least weekly if I can.

I had great plans to make loads of stuff over the Christmas break but didnt get much done - had a nice break though!

Got 1 bag finished - will post photos of it in the next few days.

Also I started making a few journals using the instructions in the last issue of Cloth, Paper Scissors - create a leather effect cover out of a brown paper bag.
I made 1 journal following the instructions in the magazine - 2nd journal is a different sized journal but made using the leather-paper technique.

This photo shows the crumpled-up paper ironed onto pelmet vilene:

Paper after being painted with brown acrylic paint