Friday, October 24, 2014

Modern Quilters Ireland Christmas Swap

The Modern Quilters Ireland are just starting a Christmas cushion swap. This years swap is for an 18 x 18" modern Christmas themed cushion. The swap is open to all sewing levels and is a beginner friendly swap, its only open to Irish residents click here for further details.

As part of the swap requirements everyone has to make up a Flickr mosiac to give your swap partner an idea of what you would like to receive. It's first time I made a flickr mosiac, so had to spend a bit of time getting it done. 

Here's my flickr mosiac:

1. Ely display by Lu Summers
2. Deer Forest
3. Have a merry Christmas cushions
4. Table runner
5. Bright Christmas cushion
6. Great quilting texture
7. Deer cushions
8. For the Birds