Gender Stereotype
Finished 14th November 2014

Hand-dyed and jelly-printed fabrics.
Exhibited: "In Unison" Exhibition organised by the Cork Textile Network. Dec. 2014

Sound Waves
Finished 19th November 2013

Hand-dyed fabrics, indigo-dyed.
Original design

Exhibited: "White Noise" Exhibition organised by the Cork Textiles Network Dec. 2013.

Angel Quilt
Finished 14th October 2013

Crazy Hearts Quilt        

Crazy Hearts Quilt
Finished: 7th August 2013.

Quilt was previously finished March 2004 but took off the binding and hanging sleeve to add more free-motion stitching to the quilt. New binding added.

Commercial fabrics, ric-rac.

Pattern: Australian Patchwork and Quilting Magazine.

Scrap-Pile Mystery Quilt           

Finished: 29th July 2013.         

This quilt was the mystery quilt project for the Mid-West branch back in 2011 and 2012.

Commercial fabrics, machine quilted.

Baby Finn Quilt

Finished: 24th May 2013

One of my fastest quilt finishes yet - had it made in 6 days! 

Commercial fabrics, machine quilted.

Pattern was a commercial one from Oh Fransson.

Graffiti Stories

Finished: 9th May 2013

This project was started as a round robin project with two people (Grania Preston and Paula Rafferty).

Hand-dyed, rusted and some commercial fabrics.

Techniques used: printing, stamping, applique, screen-printing, machine quilting.

Size: 33.75 x 34.75 inches.

Pastel Memories

Finished: 1st April 2013

Fabrics: flannel.

This project was started over 10 years ago, then put in the loft. Got it out again this year and finished it off.

Size: 55 x 60 inches.


On a Whim Quilt Pattern

Fleamarket Fancy Fabric

Finished 30th March 2013

Burren Walls

Piece is inspired by the Burren landscape, especially its stone walls. Techniques: hand-dyed fabric, soy-wax batik, discharge, painted bondaweb and machine quilted.


Size: 60 x 45cm

Scrap-Basket Crossing

20 x 50cm (7 7/8" x 19 5/8")


This was made as an entry to the EQA "Crossroads" Exhibition.
The quilt was made entirely out of scraps including the backing, wadding etc.

Time Waits for No Man



Made for a challenge as part of the International Quilt Challenge Group

Quilt was made using an image transferred using oil paints and gum arabic, printed images of watches, painted bondaweb, images of old pocket watches using Extra-organza, machine quilted.

Patchwork in Perspective

Quilt was started during a Lynne Edwards workshop in August 2011 on "Patchwork in Perspective"

Size: 102 x 102cm


Bohemian Squares

Pattern from "Liv' Large" Quilt book by Heather Mulder Peterson. The fabrics were by Anna Maria Horner - I had 12 fat quarters of one of her collections for ages, so finally got to use them on this quilt.


Graffiti Graz.
49cm x 111cm
Finished: February 2010
Entered in IPS National Exhibition "Q for Quilts" 2010.

Appliqued quilt based on stencil graffiti seen in Graz, Austria. Made using all hand-dyed fabrics. Machine quilted.

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