Sunday, March 29, 2009

Batik Quilt

I havent been had much time for sewing at the moment - up the walls at the work. At least once I get past the deadline of 31st March I should have a bit more time.
One thing I did manage to finish was this batik quilt - part of a kit I bought from the Limerick Quilt Centre. Had the top pieced together in an evening so it was a really one to make.
Also decided to stipple quilt this one - I don't normally like that stitch but thought I'd give it a try seeing as a more detailed pattern would be lost with the batik patterns.
I was surprised that the quilting came out so well, probably due to practising on the baby quilt a week or two beforehand.

I'm currently making a banner for the EQA Competition "Celebrations". Have the banner made just need to back it and bind it. Photo's of it won't be put up till after judging which is in mid-May.

Baby quilt finished and sent off to France

I finally put the label on the baby quilt last week. Also, sent it off to France on Thursday to my brother and sister-law for the new baby (due in 7 weeks).