Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lynne Edwards Patchwork Perspective Workshop

About two weekends ago, I went to a 2-day workshop with Lynne Edwards. The workshop was "Patchwork Perspective". I went to the workshop with the intention of making a cushion cover, but got a bit carried away and decided to make a wall-hanging instead.

The drafting of the pattern, cutting out freezer paper templates etc. took a lot of time so I only ended up with three blocks completed at the workshop. So, since then I've been making the rest of the blocks for the wall-hanging.

This photo shows some of the blocks made by all the participants at the workshop.

Finally got the top completed last night, so hopefully I'll get the quilting started at the weekend.

Notebook Cover

I made this notebook cover last month for my friend Meg. The notebook cover is a mixed media - the front has spoon templates made of organza, while the back is made up of pieces of security envelopes.