Thursday, February 17, 2011

Genesis Group Swap Bag

I'm a member of a small contemporary quilting group called "Genesis". I had the idea of each member taking it in turns to give out small swap bags at meetings filled with various different items. The challenge will be for all members to produce something for the next meeting using items from the bag.

For our 1st Swap Bag challenge, I came up with the swap bag contents - which was a pieced of hand-dyed screen-printed fabric, square of metallic fabric paper (from an Arts & Craft Shop) and a stick-on magnet. Finished items are due at our next meeting on the 6th March.


Last weekend I had a go at using up the Swap Bag contents - ended up making 3 items from the contents. I embellished my fabric strip with thread, pieces of the metallic fabric paper, tiny squares of dyed (and used) colour-catchers. Also put the piece under the embellisher to add bits of organza, ribbon etc.

When I had the fabric embellished enough I decided to make a fabric cuff - I have thin wrists and don't wear bracelets or bangles as they're always too big for me. Making my own fabric cuff ensured that it fitted perfectly. The photo below shows a close-up of stitching and emellishments on the fabric cuff.

I stitched together the leftover fabric strips with a zig-zag stitch and then made an ATC and a brooch.

The brooch has an additional embellishment of a a stitched ant (its stuck on using the magnet).

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Branching Out Fabric Postcard

Here's the 1st fabric postcard that I've finished for the IPS "Branching Out" Fabric postcard exhibition.

The postcard is made from fabric paper, two scraps of screen-printed fabric and a hand-dye. The screen-printed fabric is actually a piece left over from my Branching Out quilt - which is still in the construction stage!

I have a few more postcards nearly completed - all I have to do is add the edging. Hopefully, I'll get them done over the weekend.