Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Quilters Guild of the British Isles AGM

Last weekend I went to Nottingham for the Quilters Guild of the British Isles AGM. Being in Ireland, means that I've never attended any of the Quilter's Guild AGM's - too far and expensive to travel.

However, I had a very good reason to attend this particular AGM - as I received my certificate for completing the Quilters Guild Judging Course. It was nice to get a certificate after all the work and study involved in the course.
And, very conveniently there was direct flights from Shannon Airport to East Midlands Airport, meaning that I could get there easily.

The AGM itself was very well organised and quick with computer presentations for each speaker. All the new Quilt Judges received their judging certificates during the AGM.


After lunch I'd signed for a Concourse (which to be honest I wasn't sure what was involved). As it turned out this concourse, was a variety of different demo's and talks. The demos which were run on a strict timetable of 25mins, after which you'd move to a different table. It was very enjoyable and I went to 4 demos.

diecuts and applique by Gilli Theokriff
bottle pincushion

I had Sunday to look around Nottingham (first time I'd been there) and it was a very pretty city with lots of old buildings and cobbled streets. Unfortunately, Nottingham castle is closed until 2020 as it's undergoing renovation work and the Nottingham Contemporary gallery was in between galleries - two places I had wanted to visit. Instead I went to Nottingham caves and the Criminal Justice Museum (enjoyed both of them) and did a bit of shopping.
There was lots of cool graffiti around the city, so took a few photos of those.

My flight back to Shannon was at 6am, so I had a very early start on Monday, but it did mean that I made it into work early..

Friday, May 10, 2019

Catenary Wall-hanging

Yet again, I've neglected to update my blog. Didn't realise I last updated it in September 2018, so I will definitely have to try and update it more often.

I have a load of quilting projects on the go, very few of them finished at the moment though....

I finished this Carolyn Friedlander Catenary pattern wall-hanging back in November. I did a big clear out of photos on my phone recently and seem to have deleted the finished photo of the quilt, so here's on of the quilt being blocked. I really enjoyed this project, got carried away with the hand applique and had them done in a few days.

I finished another Carolyn Friedlander pattern Aerial Grove last month, so must get a few decent photographs of it.
I'm off to the Nottingham in the UK this evening, going to attend the Quilters Guild of the British Isles AGM tomorrow, which should be interesting.