Saturday, November 26, 2011

Through The Window (Burren Inspired)

I'm currently a member of the International Quilt Challenge. Every two months we have a different challenge, the most recent challenge theme was through "Through the Window" so here's what I submitted for that challenge.

A contemporary quilting group I'm involved with (Genesis Patchwork) are currently working on a group project about the Burren. So I decided to use my "Through the Window" piece as a sample piece for my Burren project. I have a number of photographs of old church windows and ruins so I took 2 of this photo's and turned them into a thermofax screen. Then I screen-printed the windows onto hand-dyed fabric.

This photo of a window in Carron Church was used to create one of the thermofax screens

Friday, November 4, 2011

More Burren photo's

 I spent Saturday of last weekend driving around the Burren trying to get more inspiration for the upcoming Genesis group project. So took more photo's of stone walls and other various things spotted during the drive.

My favourite Pfaff sewing machine has been in for repairs for ages (3 months and counting!). It was even sent to the UK a few weeks ago because no-one here can figure out how to fix it.
I do have another sewing machine I can use but it's not much good on free-machining. So I finally decided to bite the bullet and ordered a new one - which will be delivered next Thursday or Friday.