Friday, July 26, 2013

Rusted fabrics

Decided to rust more fabric last weekend. Previously I have rusted fabric using steel wool and vinegar, but this time tried out a method using tea, sulphate of iron and caustic soda solutions.

This method worked really well, it was instant dyeing. Depending on the order in which you dipped your fabrics, different colour combinations were obtained.

Trays set up ready to rust fabrics.

Rusted fabrics hanging out to dry

I left my fabrics to cure for a week, will be washing them out and ironing them over the weekend.


I've been neglecting my blog lately, the main reason for it was that I lost my sewing mojo for a bit, didnt use my sewing machine or make anything in over two months!

The last quilting-related thing I did, before the sewing hiatus, was go to the International Quilting Festival of Ireland (IQFOI) in Galway back in early June.

Got to see a few of my quilts which I'd entered in the show.

Graffiti Graz - entered in the Graffiti and Tattoo Section

Spring Growth

I also entered my Graffiti Stories Quilt into the Graffiti and Tattoo Section of the show. This quilt was completed as a part of a freeform round robin project with two friends Grania and Paula.
Graffiti Stories
Monkey Biznes by Grania Preston

What you looking at? by Paula Rafferty

Quilters Guild Region 17 Meeting

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