Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gloria Loughman Workshop

Spent last Wednesday down in Tralee at a 1-day workshop with Gloria Loughman. Workshop was called "Playing on the Surface". Gloria said the workshop was usually a 2 or 5 day workshop so we had plenty of work to fit in for 1 day.
Didnt get anything finished - had a load of strips - work in progress, but now know how the process works.

Gloria was a great tutor, picked up plenty of tips from her. She had a large number of quilts and samples with her, and didnt mind people photographing and examining them which was very nice of her.

I already had her first book "Luminous Landscapes" but she had patterns & books for sale on the day, so picked up a copy of her 2nd book "Quilted Symphony" (which she autographed). Havent finished reading the book yet, but it's well laid out and goes through the process of how she makes her quilts in small sections.

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