Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jette Clover workshop - FoQ

I did a two day masterclass with Jette Clover at the Festival of Quilts last week. Can't remember the exact name of the workshop now, but I think it was "layering with collage".

Was really looking forward to this workshop as I love Jette's quilt and collages but I didn't find the workshop that useful. Jette was a lovely person but there was an awful lot of wasted time in the workshop. And I hate workshop lists that make you bring stuff you don't use!

This photo shows 2 ATC-sized collages we had to make. At the start of class we had to pick a piece of paper from a bag. You then had to use the word written on the paper for the 2 days. I got "Heritage", which I wasn't too mad about working with. One of the mini-collages had to be about your word, while the 2nd one had to be the negative of it.

This photo shows the 2 collage pieces I made, bit of a rush job as we only had about 2 hours to get these pieces done and sewn at the end of the 2nd day!

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