Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hand Blocks for IQFoI

Last night I finished quilting a hand block for the International Quilting Festival of Ireland (IQFoI) which is taking place in Galway in May. At the festival they're going to have a welcome banner made up of hundreds of hand blocks from around the world).

Last time I checked, the deadline for submission of the blocks was the 1st February; so I was hurrying to get the 2nd block finished last night. Have just checked their website and you can now submit blocks up to the 1st March.

To make the blocks I made a monoprint of my hand, added my name and town using alphabet stamps and then free-motion quilted the block.

I got a print of my mother's hand to make the 2nd block, and made it in the same way, just used the stamps to go around the hand this time.

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