Thursday, April 10, 2014

Journal Quilts

The Contemporary Quilt Group of the British Isles run a journal quilt project every year. This year I decided to join in, so I'll be making a small quilt every month.

The journal quilts  have to be 8 x 8" square, the only rule this year is that each quilt has to contain a line that runs from one side to another.

I've also decided to use up my leftover workshop samples and sample pieces for my journal quilts. I keep finding interesting bits and pieces that never got finished or completed, so this will be an opportunity to use them up.

Here's Journal Quilt no. 1. Snippets of organza etc. were laid on fabric, free-motion stitched and then the soldering iron was used to distress certain parts. I satin stitched a few thick lines to the quilt.

Journal Quilt no. 1
I have a few other journal quilts almost finished, just need to complete the bindings!


  1. Lovely idea for a project. I really like the blue satin stitching.