Sunday, January 6, 2013

Paper Bag Swap Bag

The quilting guild I'm involved with (the Mid-West Branch) started a paper bag swap bag back in September. The bags were to be swapped back at our December meeting instead of our usual Chris Kringle.

I received a paper bag with 1940's style fabrics, so I had until the December meeting to make something with the fabrics. I don't usually work with these type of fabrics, but the whole point of these challenges is to make you try something different!

I decided to make a 241 tote bag using the fabrics. I had to do a bit of patchwork piecing to get the fabrics to the right size for the patterns, but it gives a nice effect to the bag.

The paper bags were swapped back at the December meeting so I got to give my bag to the original fabric's owner Deirdre.

Bag Front
Bag Back

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