Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Indigo Dyeing workshop

I spent the weekend down in Cork at the Cork Textile Network's 2013 Conference - which was great fun. The lectures were really interesting; there was lectures from Freddy Robins, Liz Nilsson and Debbie Symth.

As part of the conference I did an Indigo Dyeing workshop with Liz Nilsson. Always wanted to do indigo dyeing, even have a kit for it (but have never got around to using it). So this was the perfect opportunity to try out indigo dyeing.

Some of Liz' lovely indigo dyed fabrics
The first part of the workshop dealt with setting up the indigo baths, measuring how chemicals and how to fold, clamp fabrics etc.
Indigo vats

 You could try out endless ways of folding material and clamping. Different pegs also gave different resist effects.
Add a clamped piece of fabric into the indigo vat
On the 2nd day we got to dye fabric and add printing and stamping if you wanted. I didn't bother doing any printing at this stage, just kept on with the fabric dyeing.

Some of the dyed fabrics from the workshop
 I got loads of fabrics dyed at the workshop, so now need to get cracking on making an indigo quilt. Think an indigo and rusted fabric quilt could be quite nice!
Some of my dyed fabrics from the workshop

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