Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rusting Fabric

I'm currently working on a Graffiti quilt for a free-form round robin project I'm doing with two friends. I needed some distressed-type fabric for my initial/starter block and decided that some rusted fabric would be ideal.

So got myself a few pieces of cotton fabric and made up a simple solution of water and vinegar. I had bought a small roll of fine steel wool in a local hardware store last week, so was all set to go.

You could see the steel wool start to rust a few minutes after the vinegar solution was added.

I took the fabric out after a day in the water/vinegar solution, as most of the fabric was nicely rusted and I didn't want it to go to far.

I'm going to be doing a bit more fabric rusting this weekend. I'm going doing an indigo dyeing course next month, and want to have some rusted fabric ready for it. Just curious to see what effect indigo will have on rusted fabric.

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