Saturday, May 11, 2013

Graffiti Stories

Graffiti Stories is my most recent quilt finish. This quilt was started as a freeform round robin project.
Completed Quilt Top

This was the quilt top after it had been passed around to the other two round robin group members for their additions. The starter piece was the section in the right hand side of the photo. I also put some rusted, hand dyed, screen printed and stenciled fabric in the piece.

Quilt top after the addition by round robin group members

I spent a lot of time wondering what to do with the quilt top, eventually I decided that more paint was needed. I needed to tone down the red fabric used in the top left hand side, as I thought it was too prominent, so added applique and stamping. 

The stamping with blue paint tied the quilt top together a bit more, so I then added stencils of an aerosol can, headphones and radio. After that, I added two borders using rusted fabrics and a hand dyed fabric in a dark rusty brown colour which seemed to work with the quilt top. 
Work in progress

I've entered this quilt in the International Quilt Festival of Ireland in the Graffiti and Tattoo section. I just got it finished in time, completed it the day before it was due up in Galway.

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