Friday, July 26, 2013


I've been neglecting my blog lately, the main reason for it was that I lost my sewing mojo for a bit, didnt use my sewing machine or make anything in over two months!

The last quilting-related thing I did, before the sewing hiatus, was go to the International Quilting Festival of Ireland (IQFOI) in Galway back in early June.

Got to see a few of my quilts which I'd entered in the show.

Graffiti Graz - entered in the Graffiti and Tattoo Section

Spring Growth

I also entered my Graffiti Stories Quilt into the Graffiti and Tattoo Section of the show. This quilt was completed as a part of a freeform round robin project with two friends Grania and Paula.
Graffiti Stories
Monkey Biznes by Grania Preston

What you looking at? by Paula Rafferty

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